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1 Frequently Asked Questions!
1.1 Why is my TANK leaking?

Firstly, you want to check that everything is screwed tightly.

Secondly, to see if the rubber o-rings is damaged or has any cracks.

Thirdly, you might have to see if you need a new coil or just a replacement would help.

1.2 What is our warranty like?

Our warranty isn't too complicated. We are open to accept back any defective device you purchase from our store. 

Click on the link here , and get an idea of how our return policy works.


1.3 Who delivers/ ships the vape devices for me?

We do it all for you. 

All you want to do is use E-Transfer or PayPal

Click here for more information. 

1.4 I have a bunch of vape related questions.

Get more personalized answers by calling us or texting us at [email protected]

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