Smok - TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils

Smok - TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils

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TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils

These coils are the reason Smok calls the TFV8 "The Beast".  Coil styles range from a Quadruple to an Octuple style coil. No matter your vaping preference, these turbocharged coils will give you the best flavour and vapour production possible.
The V8-T8 features a 0.15ohm resistance with an astonishing octuple design orientation with staggering vapor production to be run up to 260W. 
The V8-Q4 is a 0.15 quadruple coil synonymous with tempered cloud potential while retaining superior flavour.

These are only compatible with the TFV8 Cloud Beast. 

SmokTech V8-T6 Coils

  • Sextuple coil
  • Turbo: 6.0T
  • 0.2 Ohm
  • Wattage Range: 50 - 240W
  • Recommended Range: 110 - 150W
SmokTech V8-T8 Coils
  • Octuple coil
  • Turbo: 6.6T
  • 0.15 Ohm
  • Wattage Range: 50 - 260W
  • Recommended Range: 120 - 180W
SmokTech V8-Q4 Coils
  • Quadruple coil
  • Turbo: 5.0T
  • 0.15ohm
  • Wattage Range: 50~180W
  • Recommended Range: 90~150W
SmokTech V8-T10 Coils
  • Deca/decuple coils
  • 0.12 Ohm
  • Kanthal clapton coil material
  • Wattage Range: 50W - 300W
  • Recommended Range: 130 - 190W