VIP VAPE carries herbal items in-store!

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VIP VAPE carries herbal items in-store!

Despite VIP Vape selling various exclusive and fancy vaping products, the shop also carries a long list of herb related items. Starting from multiple bongs, dry herb vapes, grinders, pipes to concentrate bongs, ash catchers, bowls and down stems.

Not only has the vaping industry boomed over the past few years but the pot industry has also reached a peak. According to Statistics Canada, the legal cannabis industry contributed about $4.66 billion to the country's gross domestic product as of May, 2019.

Now that nicotine products are legal, both vaping and herbal devices with accessories are available at our locations. We aim to serve that side of the population who want to have an enjoyable experience with vaping along with educated and well-informed professionals. 

Also, let’s not forget about the current consequences of the global pandemic, COVID-19. We should focus on keeping each other safe and healthy.

Happy Vaping!


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