Spellbinding Vaping Tricks

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Spellbinding Vaping Tricks

For good or bad, the vaping industry has made it to the limelight. The use of e-cigarettes have increased tremendously over the past few years. The reason why people are diving into vaping is because of the tempting flavours available at various locations and online. According to the National Health Interview Survey, “As of 2018, adults who currently use e-cigarettes have increased to 7.6 per cent amongst 18-24 years old.”

With vaping becoming famous; the puffing tricks have also made people go “WAO”!

Are you eager to learn some exciting vaping tricks with VIP Vape?

We have listed a few common, but not so common tricks.


Click and learn:


Decided to show everyone how these vaping tricks can be mimicked. CLICK HERE!

Happy Vaping!



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