Latest updates on COVID in store and around the vaping industry!

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Latest updates on COVID in store and around the vaping industry!

Unless you have been residing under the water bodies the past few months, you must have heard about the novel COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

It has not only affected each one of us all together but also wrapped its arms around all the money-making industries across the world. One of them being – VAPING market.

According to the Government of Canada website, “The most recent survey was done in 2017.

 It showed:

 Canadians who used a vaping product in the past 30 days, 65% are current smokers and 20% are former smokers. 15% reported having never smoked cigarettes.

32% of current or former cigarette smokers who had ever used vaping products reported using it as a quit-smoking aid.”


On one hand, there are some who say that vaping could increase the risk of the coronavirus symptoms but on the other hand some comment that vapers can spread the COVID-19 easily, is this true?


Yes, it is true that sharing your smoke or vape can make you more/higher at risk for COVID-19. But what is clear is that you can’t just simply get the virus if you are into smoking or vaping as long as you are taking the safety measures and precautions to avoid direct contact with others.

As per Craig Patterson, founder of Retail-Insider, “It has been discovered that those who suffer from smoking-related diseases like obstructive pulmonary disease have raised the death rate for coronavirus.


Research has also found that smokers have higher levels of the ACE2 enzyme, with these extra entry points making smokers more susceptible to infection.


Both smoking and vaping can lower your lung’s immune response, which will leave you more vulnerable to infection in general.


In a study on vaping, it was shown that e-cigarettes can disrupt an important lipid layer found in your lungs. This causes pathogens to be trapped, which can leave you more at risk of infection.


Other research has found that the vapour found in e-cigs can weaken cilia. These are tiny hair-like projections that clear your lungs of mucus and pathogens.”


Has VIP vape opened yet?

Although various businesses closed their doors for customers, most of them still continued to sell products through curbside and deliveries.

Now, that many stores are open in the province, it also includes vaping shops around the region.

VIP Vape opened its locations in the month of June and announced the opening of the new Waterloo location in July.

Yes! You read it right. We are also open in Waterloo.

Our stores in the Kitchener-Waterloo region are open for our customers. Whereas, we still have delivery and curbside options available if you are not comfortable in visiting the store.

You can come into the store to buy vaping products and set your devices, and to ensure your and our safety sanitising and cleansing will be undertaken at all times.

Please make sure we follow the 2-meters distance rule and wear a face covering when entering the store.

To reduce the risk of attracting the coronavirus you should also keep in mind the following:

  1. Wash your hands before touching your device.
  2. Disinfect your equipment.
  3. Don’t share your vaping devices with others.
  4. Maintain the 2-meters distance while smoking in groups.
  5. Try to maintain your general health to build up a strong immunity.

There is nothing that can stop you from continuing vaping as long as you keep yourself and others safe.



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